Do We Really Need A Mother’s Day?

Where will this madness end? Mother’s Day? Who started it? It surely wasn’t there when I was growing up. But now we suddenly celebrate it like it was some integral part of our lives and scurry around sending flowers, buying cake and uttering some mushy words about how we care but don’t show it..ugh.

Would I be happy if my daughter grew up and sent me flowers and called me on mother’s day? Actually, I’d rather she cared year round!!!! (esp after the way I am waiting on her hand and foot!!)

And you know who’s smiling the most right now? Hallmark. And those online flower guys with annoying pop-ups.



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3 responses to “Do We Really Need A Mother’s Day?

  1. HA! You made me laugh (on the inside because my two year old is passed out on the couch next to me!) I think Mother’s Day was created so that one day a year we could lay around and not do the dishes or laundry without feeling guilty. I will probably have to do both, but I did get the idea to just leave some milk and poptarts out in the morning so I don’t have to get straight out of bed when they wake up at 6am!
    I need a funny mommy in my blogroll so I added at

  2. Am with you on this a 100%. I so agree. For that matter – why just Mother’s day. I dont really understand this hoopla about Valentines Day either. Out here in HK, I see people pay a ransom for a bouquet of flowers on Valentines day. The same bouquet would cost a quarter I guess, on any other day.

    So who smiles in the end ? Corporate consumerism at its best, I’d say !!!

  3. I honestly think Mother’s Day was started by the flower companies. Kind of like when the razor companies (Gillette) decided to promote women shaving their legs to boost sales.
    Blame it on all-American ingenuity — creating products that we don’t need, then forcing us to believe that we do.

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