So It’s Mother’s Day..

In my previous post I made my views clear about mother’s day. And I stand by them.

But, (no, I am not changing my stand, so worry not fellow believers) when I woke up to find that my husband had arranged to send me flowers on behalf of my two-year old, it made me smile.

It made me happy not because it’s mother’s day, but because he cared so much that even though he is out of the country on an important business trip, he’d made sure that I didn’t feel left out as the world around me went crazy celebrating event, with cakes flying around and newspapers lapping it up, profiling mothers, chubby “ordinary” ones and celeb svelte ones alike, with cutsey mommy-baby pictures splashed about abundantly. It was his thoughtfulness that touched me.

I am not changing my stand in any way, but which woman does not like to receive red roses?? Though the flowers came bearing my daughter’s name, for me it is more about her father than her.

I think he was hoping to put out some of those mommyrage fires!! Ha Ha, I have to say, it did work!

For a while, that is.


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  1. of course it only lasts for a while. you need to keep a man on his toes! :p

    award for you on my blog.

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