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It’s happened, but fingers crossed..

Ok, so the ‘O’ phase is over. Phew! Yes, you understood right, I am pregnant. But, at 37, and I know this is not out of norm in today’s world, but my gynie wants me “not to celebrate yet”..till 12 weeks are over and I’ve gone through the gazillion tests for anything and everything.

So, while I am not screaming from the rooftops, much as I’d like to, I’ve told few people – family basically. In India there is this hoo ha about letting three months pass and I have to say I don’t see any harm in that.

And yes, one more thing, I’ve developed asthma, apparently the lethal combination of pregnancy and air pollution (which Delhi is full of) can cause asthma and bronchial spams, and I’ve already experienced both. So am now on nebulizers, inhalers, the works. Also, I have a throat infection – fungal they say – could have happened because of one of the inhalers, so am also on antibiotics. Feel sacred thinking of all the medication and the baby… Sigh, it’s only been eleven weeks, the road ahead looks long..

But, having said that, I am happy, very happy. I know the coming months are going to be tough, since the breathing is only going to get more difficult, but I’ll deal with it. I am happy. Now I have something to focus on. It’s weird how human beings love to justify something and once they can, then they feel better. Now that I am pregnant I am not thinking about not working because I have this to think about – it’s what I was waiting for so that I could push that work date far into the nebulous future and try and forget that it bothers me that I will have been out of the workforce for centuries by the time the second one is born..

Anyway, this is the update from me.



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