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If you feel it, it’s real.

Motherhood is great. Ok so I agree. But is it great all the time? Not really. But most mommies won’t admit it, some warped guilt thing, yup I have it too, that blessed guilt.

But, guilt or not, mommyrage is a reality and every mother I have spoken to has felt it at some time or the other, weather she recognized (or admitted it) it or not. Think about it, your body and your mind too has gone through a lot, you’re probably worried about work, your home is a mess that never seems to clear up, your head seems cloudy and it certainly does not help that you are four sizes too big for your clothes. You never have time for yourself and are constantly planning your life around your baby’s sleep and the day he/she wakes up earlier than usual, it’s going to be baked beans and rice for lunch! And don’t even talk about laundry..that’ll have to wait till you have abs nothing to wear!

So what do you do? Well, you do something about your anger first (easier said, I know) but it’s going to harm you and no one else will care.


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