Had Cryosurgery and now I need to wait..

So I made that trip to my gynie. She took one look at me and told me that I should have come earlier, though she was really nice about it. Turns out I had something called Cervicitis (inflammation of the Cervix) and this is something that needs to be treated before one tries for a baby, and, in my case, it could be the reason why I am not being able to conceive.

So she asked me if I’d like to get it treated right there and then, and since I hate making that trip again and again, I went ahead with it. It’s called cryosurgery, which basically is freezing the cervix. When I say freezing, it’s literally what they do. She puts this long, steel rod in you that pumps ice into your cervix. That destroys the bad cells which then shed in the form of a watery discharge for the next week or so (or maybe more, I am not sure, but you need to wear a pad or a thick pantyliner). It’s not painful (not if you’ve been through childbirth, these penetrations don’t scare you anymore!) but it’s just, how do I say this, ugh..if you know what I mean!

For the next six weeks, I can’t wear tampons or have intercourse and then, she says, I should be able to conceive..No sex and no tampons!! Aghh..

Anyway, so that’s the slightly gross update on the baby front. And oh, it cost me a bomb ($200 for shoving ice up my..)



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2 responses to “Had Cryosurgery and now I need to wait..

  1. Wish you well. I was the one that cried uncontrollably when my gynec checked me for dialation at 36 weeks. Hold in there.

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