Need to see the gynie..

I’ve decided to make a trip to my gynie, much as I’ve been avoiding it, I think I should do it, because I want another child soon and need to find out if all is well. She’s going to scold me, I know, because she had told me after my daughter was born that I should not wait too long and that I should not come asking her what was wrong if I left it too late!

Agh. Anyway, I’ll tell her about all the mommyrage stuff.

Only recently have I regained some sanity, so here I am all ready to lose it again and I am excited about it, don’t ask me why I just am. Maybe because I have not much else to look forward to, so that’s why..that sounds sadder that it is!!

I know life is not that simple, but I want to know, one way or another, what I am going to be doing this year – sitting at home getting bigger, or making my way back to work – and stupidly I am looking at the answer she gives me to help me make a decision.

Silly eh?



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2 responses to “Need to see the gynie..

  1. Couple of questions:
    First, I was wondering if you know about Natural Family Planning; it can be used both as a contraceptive and to conceive. It doesn’t work for everyone (female medical complications or age can affect your cycle). Here’s a link for NFP if you want to check it out. There is also a book called “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler that I highly recommend.
    Secondly, why does your OBGYN think that 2 years is too long to wait before you conceive again?
    Hope your appt goes well.

  2. I am sorry you are going through this. Don’t let your OBGYN tell you that it is YOUR mistake. Tell her to shove it, or change over to another one.

    In my opinion, you have made a smart decision about consulting a doctor right away. I don’t know your age, but if you are under 30 years of age, you should consult a doctor after you have been trying to conceive for a year and six months if you are over 30.

    You made the right decision in delaying trying for a second child too, if you felt you weren’t ready for one. It would have been a mistake to bring one in your life if you weren’t mentally prepared for him/her and would have been unfair for the child too. So DON’T let your doctor tell you otherwise. Only you can know what your situation is.

    I have been in the exact situation. Well for me it was worse because I had to go through IVF ultimately. But I don’t regret delaying because right now I am able to enjoy the baby more and don’t have the same emotional issues that I was grappling with after the first one.

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