She needs company..

Last week my sister’s-in-law were here with their kids and my daughter had a blast with them, she didn’t want to eat or sleep, all she wanted to do was to play with her cousins. When they left, she cried her heart out, as I had expected and feared.

Though she’ll settle into her routine soon, I am sure, she’s still feeling lost, and it makes me wonder, again, if I should have another child. I do want one but, for various reasons, it’s not happened yet, partly because I am not completely sure. And while I know that I should not let this one incident influence a big decision like having a child, I also know that my daughter needs a sibling.  It’s never easy to decide what is right or wrong, since every situation is different and there are no rights or wrongs in things like this.

Still I am wondering, seeing her reaction, if I should just do this and forget about what it would lead to, because if I think about it too much I am not going to do it. And this has happened in the past, I’ve deliberated too much and made half hearted attempts..

But, as I write this, I think I am making up my mind.  I have siblings and I cannot imagine how my life would have been without them, so I don’t want to deprive my daughter of that.

But being 36 and trying to have a baby is not going to be easy, and I’ve had some trouble already, so let’s see where this would lead..


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  1. If you have made up your mind, you probably have won half the battle :). Wish you good luck. Take care.

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