An angel when she sleeps..

All that mommyrage is only when she’s awake. Right now, she’s fast asleep in her cot and I am taking a breather! Am too tired to be stressed and too relieved to be angry!

I should be sleeping, yes I know, every bone in my body is telling me that. But I want some mommy time, I want to blog – read and write, then tuck into bed with a book – God, it’s been ages since I did that – read a book in peace. And don’t even talk about movies – to be able to sit in front of a dvd player interrupted? Dream on. The only time we do that is when we’re watching Barnie, man I could sing “I love you” in my sleep. In fact I do. It’s insane but just as I am about to sleep that song starts to play in my mind – it drives me crazy..I just can’t seem to stop it! It’s like that bad joke someone told me once about a pink elephant, where you are asked to think of an elephant but not a pink one, and guess what, I could ONLY picture pink ones!

The human mind, your own human mind is a mystery. But right now I am enjoying this mindless rambling because it’s something I am doing without having to say “just let mama do this one thing, mama says please”.



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