Am I crazy to want another one?

I agree that my blog name does little for my case of wanting another child, but, if we forget that for a moment, then I am wondering if I am crazy to want another one?

I’ve talked about this before, and as time passes I feel it more and more, but a second child, I feel, will ease things for me in the longer run. I look at my sister, who has only one child, and she is all the time clinging to her and sulking and the rest of it. She now even asks my sister why she has no siblings and wants to know why she’ll never have any.

I don’t want to be in that situation. My gynecologist said it quite well when I had my daughter – she said: “you have the first one for yourself and the second one for the first one”. And it’s true.

But, I am scared. What if I can’t handle it? ( I mean look at all the mommyrage stuff!). My mother seems to think it’ll make it better and I am divided. But, I can’t sit on it for too long, am not getting younger, so it’s something that’s either going to happen now, or never. Even from a work perspective, it’s better I get it over with now, than get back to work and again…aahh..sounds exhausting already!

I wish you could take turns with men, they have one and you have one. Except can you imagine a man in labor? A cut finger is just about what they can handle. No, I think they won’t survive that. There’s a reason God made women bear the children.



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4 responses to “Am I crazy to want another one?

  1. I agree that having another one does ease things. I have three…although I didn’t think I was ready for one! Having siblings is wonderful…they do fight and fuss with each other but they also play wonderfully together, too. Good luck on making that decision!

  2. My baby is almost nine months old and for some reason I can’t wait to have another one. I am really looking froward to throwing up and testing my blood sugar seven times a day! blah. But I heard my friends with multiple kids talking about their experience with their two and it made me want that. I also just want to get my kids born and be done with that phase of life.

    Good luck with your decision!

  3. eccentricmom

    I hate to be the one to say it but I will. Dont do it. You will crave the freedom that having only one gave you. And think of how you could focus all your energy into making an only child become anything they ever dreamed, instead of being pulled in 2 dirrections. A singleton will never miss what they never knew.

    And Amanda just wait until your baby hits 18 months before you decide for 2. It gets really hard before it gets easy and I would say it doesnt get easy until about 4 years old.

  4. I had my 3rd 5 months ago and it has been awesome (most of the time)!

    My first and second are 14 months apart and it was super hard for the first 8 or 9 months. Our second was a “gift we didn’t know to ask for” and it has been wonderful to watch the two of them play together and love each other. They are 4 and 3 now. Our 5 month old has been the easiest baby and has added even more joy and delight to our lives.

    Sure, having 2 is hard. Having 3 is hard. Having 1 is hard. When you have 2 you realize how easy 1 was! Sure, there are days I feel like I want to run and hide under the covers all day BUT I have had sooo much additional laughter and wouldn’t trade them for anything!

    I remember feeling worried about whether or not I would have enough love for a second child but it was never an issue once I was able to hold him in my arms.

    Good luck on your decision!

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