It’ll get about 15 years, maybe.

Right now she’s two, so it’s hard for me, dealing with the terrible-twos et all. Agreed it’s a nice stage too, when compared to mothers of teens (the eye rolling, the sulking and the talking back, to name a few) and I am sure I’ll look back at these years with rose tinted glasses.

But, right now, here’s where I am, and there are times when I wish she was grown up. The thing is that she’ll need me for a long long time, so those who say it gets better may not be so accurate. It gets different and the demands on the mother change, but they don’t go away. In fact some mothers tell me that these are the better years, that as time goes by they need more and more from you and it’s not like you can out up your feet and read in peace.

That does happen, but at sixty, and it’s a long time to sixty, a long long time and I am tired. If only men would pitch in more, it’d be sooooo much better. Wishful thinking I know, but one lives in hope..



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2 responses to “It’ll get about 15 years, maybe.

  1. Momma Knows

    I don’t know if it gets better, but it definitely is different. We have 7 kids, ranging from 5-19 (4 girls, 3 boys) and a grandbaby on the way. Terrible two’s were never really an issue. 2 year olds are amateurs. Now THREEs, that’s where the terribles always hit us. Two year olds don’t understand, while three year olds know EXACTLY what they want and what they are doing. As do 15 year olds, and they have enough ‘facts’ to debate you into the ground too. Enjoy them while they are little. You’ll get even less sleep when they get bigger. Teenagers stay up LATE.

  2. dummling

    I know, my friends say the same I am trying to make the most of this stage (it doesn’t seem like with my blog name though!)

    She’ll go to play school in the summer, so I guess I’ll have some respite. Here in India they start to prepare toddlers for admission by two, it’s a little crazy but that’s how it is.

    Your post made me feel better, thanks.

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