I must be crazy..

Let me say this first, that this will sound a little insane, given all the venting I’ve been doing about mommy rage and the rest of it (but I’ll defend that later). That said, let me say it: – I am considering a second baby. Yup, that’s right. I want another one, not so much for myself, but for my daughter.

But wait, I am not totally crazy – may be a little – but not all gone yet. The thing is that I believe, and I could be waaay wrong, that having a second one is going to actually make it better, if I can do the whole nappy-change-sleep-deprived-will-lose-it thing again. It’ll be tough for two years and given that at the end of those two years I am still not in an asylum, I think, seriously, that it’ll be good.

My two year old will, say I have one nine months from now, be about five when the younger one will be two, so from then on, they’ll be company for each other.

I’ve actually studied this, not to mention been told this like a zillion times by my mother, that mothers with two kids find that they demand much less of their time that those with one, who needs to be entertained constantly. Of course there are days when all you do is sort out their little fights..but all in all, it’s better to have two.

That’s the theory and I am not sure if it’ll translate into anything, but if it does, I am hoping that I am thinking it right. If not, I’ll be blogging from an asylum in about two years. Yup, I think I’ll still blog.

For now, it’s back to potty training. Sigh.



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2 responses to “I must be crazy..

  1. omg…I am thinking the same things right now…and i think im crazy to do so..

    • crabbymommy

      Not crazy I can tell you. One has to do what one has to do and not always can you think about the timing! I am now a little over three months pregnant and trying to prepare my daughter, but she is resisting change..it’s tough this stage but if you do not want your child to be alone in this world, then this has to be done. Don’t think too much, if you are not averse to the idea and are somewhat ready, take the plunge!

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