Your quandary is yours and yours alone, no one else cares..

Winter is tough at the best of times, so with lack of sleep and wailing babies, it seems close to intolerable..but wait I am a mother, how can I lose patience?? I hear that kind of asinine talk all the time. In my mommyrage mood, this is enough to make me lash out hard.

Why is the world not more understanding of mommies and their issues? (no pun intended!) Be it the workplace or at home, a woman is pretty much on her own to figure it all out. If you have a good boss you’ll get some understanding but expect no more, come on we all have kids and they get brought up somehow so stop whining if you are at work – that’s the general attitude. No surprise then that most super-successful women are either single or have children who hardly know them.

You can’t do both, if you want to do both things matter what anyone says..not possible. Ya lots of women work and bring up kids but the question is – how much do they miss out at work because they are not willing to put in that extra time? A lot. And if you take the hot-career path, then the kids will not get the kind of attention they need. No two ways about it.

It’s not fair. My situation does not allow me to leave my daughter at home, yet when I told my boss, who was perfectly happy with my work, that I wanted to work from home, he told me I’d be setting a bad precedent! HR (go on, fire that distasteful gun) would not be happy, and one would rather displease God than HR!

So here I am, (mommy)blogging to keep my sanity, and wondering if I am good for anything else.


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