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Twin Girls!

I’ve been away from my blog for too long, have been on bed rest, then had the babies, who are a month old today..so am only writing this quick post to say that I’ve not had a chance to log on in months, but hopefully will be able to do so every now and then from hence on…optimistic (with twins girls and a toddler??), maybe? but hey I need to stay optimistic or I might just lose it!

I am thrilled with the twins, but it’s crazy, unending, constant, constant, constant!!!! I am lucky to be in India and able to afford lots of help – two full time maids – and yet I am on my feet the whole day….



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The Meltdown.

Terrible twos did someone say? What about terrible threes?? My three year old discovered her screaming abilities when she was two, or perhaps even before, and has been fine tuning that skill ever since. She does not talk anymore, she screams. Most of the time she’s playing teacher and berating us all at home, in the manner, I suspect, her teacher does at school – it’s like she becomes another person when she is role playing.

How do you tell a three year old to stop screaming? It only leads to more hollering and screeching, followed, of course, with the whole lying-on-the-floor-won’t-get-up act. When she does finally, and most reluctantly, lift herself off the ground, her ego is bruised, for she has not been cajoled into silence by mommy, rather she has, most grudgingly, been forced to give up the act on account of being neglected, and because of mommy’s cool do-what-you-want-you-can’t-bait-me-this-way reaction. Once the ego is hurt, that’s it. Tantrums follow – storming out of rooms, sulking, et all.

It settles, eventually, somehow. Then she sleeps, which was part of the problem. It’s a vicious cycle – she gets sleepy, refuses to be put to bed, in fact opposes any subtle signs that could hint of mommy’s secret intent of sending her into dreamland. The sleepier she gets, the more hyper she gets, the more hyper she gets the sleepier she gets and fights it all the more – so it’s a matter of time, of holding out, till the fatigue takes over and she can fight it (and mommy) no more. I then sink into bed with a sigh, worn out by this tussle.

Minutes later I rustle up the energy to get up and change – put on the idiot box for some mindless TV, (father and daughter safely, and mercifully, asleep) but it’s too mindless at times for my liking. I then reach for my book – reading Satyajit Ray’s Feluda stories right now (for those who have not read them, I recommend them highly).

I sink into the book, forget all about the recent histrionics and read till late. I know I should sleep, for tomorrow will be another day – waking up the rascal for school and all that follows, the screaming (again), the I-don’t-wan’t-to-go, the I-got-ouchie, the I-don’t-wan’t-to-bathe, the don’t-comb-my-hair…I know I’ll need the energy for it all. But I enjoy the silence of the night and my book too much to worry about tomorrow..



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Second Trimester – much better!

Am four and a half months now. My gynie kept telling me that the second trimester will be better, and it is. Though I am still on “limited activity”, I feel much better. So am trying to enjoy it – reading a lot, have got a bunch of films to watch..

Then am trying to prepare my three year old. She watches the Dora CD a lot where Dora is all excited about her mom having a baby and she becoming a big sister – (turns out her mom has twins so it fits perfectly!). I think, in theory, I am making progress. My daughter told me the other day, “mama, we’ll have to get two cots and also two rattles. I’ll give them rattles when they cry!”

Reality, I know will be very different. I know my daughter will be jealous, it’s only normal, and we’ll have to deal with that – it’s a fine balance..

This is the calm before the storm, I cannot imagine how it will be once they are out – twins! I don’t think I am over that yet.


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