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Getting her to eat is an uphill task

Like most mothers, I am kind of obsessed with my daughter’s eating. I spend a lot of time just trying to get her to open her little mouth. Mostly, she’s ok about it. I mean there are things she likes, and there are things that she would not touch with a bargepole – do what you might. And it’s the latter that bothers me, because she won’t eat much fruit – used to love bananas, but now, much my my consternation, it’s fallen out of favor.

My husband says I should not worry about what she’s not eating. But, I differ. If I don’t worry about it, or constantly try to innovate, she’ll eat plain boiled rice!

Today, however, I am tired and don’t have the energy to make up stories just so she’d open her mouth. I tried feeding her a banana and she cried, then asked for cereal and toast,which she just likes to play with. I let her, and all she did was strew the cereal on the floor while watching Teletubbies!

That’s the other thing. She watches TV while eating – a big no no for a lot of mommies, but for me, I don’t mind at all. It may not be ideal and later I may even regret it, but for now, it makes her eat and I’d rather she does that than I try new stunts everyday! She watches Barney and Teletubbies and eats happily.

There’s something to be said for that.


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