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Twins, Asthma, Sugery and more!!

Have so much so say. I’ve been away from my blog for so long now, much has happened in the past three months. Here’s an update.

Yes, I am carrying twins! No, it has not sunk in. I am thrilled, of course, but freaked out, understandably! When the doc said, looking at the fuzzy amoeba looking things floating on the screen, “they look wonderful”, I looked deliberately obtuse, didn’t think he meant what he did, till he said “there are two”! TWO!!!!!!!!Drove back in a daze, then called the husband!

Now to prepare my daughter – my sister in law gave me this Dora CD in which Dora plays the big sister and her mother has twins. I am starting to prepare my daughter, but my oh my…

Lot more has happened. I’ve developed asthma, have already had a minor surgery to strengthen my cervix and been on rest for a while. Better now, but third trimester is going to be fun – lie in bed and forget about everything. Right. Someone tell my three year old that!!

And oh, husband is very happy, but worried about my health. Not to mention stressed about the slowdown – world into recession and here I am with a bumper crop – timing.

But one cannot plan in life. Three months ago I was dismal because I was not getting pregnant and look where I am today! No, took no fertility pills! Husband actually asked me that!! Turns out that women over 35 have a higher chnace of conceving twins. Also, in my case it’s in my genes, father’s sisters are twins..

So, here I am getting bigger by the minute and getting on my mom’s case to drop her life and come run mine!!



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