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Tomorrow’s A Big Day..

I’ve decided to put my daughter into play school from July, she’ll be almost two and a half by then. And tomorrow is her “interaction” at this big school that has a playgroup too, so if she makes it, I don’t have to worry about admission later, since she’ll be able to continue here to senior school. And this is a much much coveted one.

The trouble is that she hates the mention of the word. A lot of kids do, I know, but in her case, she wails and wails making vomiting sounds and all those accompanying histrionics that make you feel like some sort of a devil.

So I’ve been spelling words out around the house and using euphemisms so she’d not get it. Told the maid to get everything ready in the morning etc. Before going to bed, the monster comes to me and says:

Monster: “Mama I am not going to school

Me: “Who said anything about school?

Monster: “School is fun and babies dance there, but I am not going

Me:”Who told you about going to school” I ruffle her hair.

Monster: “You took out my nice dress. I won’t wear it.

Sigh. Tomorrow is going to be tough. She’ll figure it out as soon as I try and get her ready and once there, she’ll try anything to make me leave the place, will not respond to anything that she’ll be asked, worse, will say the opposite if asked too many times!

The father’s away, so am doing this alone. Fingers crossed.



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