Marathon Moment

My heart is beating faster than in did when I got married. Ok, maybe not faster, but fast enough. Why? Because tomorrow morning I am going to run my first marathon. You heard me. I must be nuts. I haven’t trained too much and am just jumping into the deep end. One part of me is exhilarated and the other is terrified.

It’s a 10 km (roughly 6 miles) marathon and for those of you who’ve done the full – I know, I know, piece of cake. Right. Doesn’t feel like that right now. Got my number, et all today and husband and (older) daughter will be here to cheer me. I wish they would not come because what if I, you know, faint, give-up, come last, slip, die. I know – breathe deeply. I am trying, not a big deal, only 10 km – piece of cake. That’s what I am going to tell myself all the time – piece of cake.

Anyway, I can’t write much and if I survive it, I am going to update you all soon. It may not seem like it, but I am quite thrilled. Just have to focus and keep going. Wish me luck.

Piece of cake.



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5 responses to “Marathon Moment

  1. priya

    Good Luck dear

    Anyway winning is not important, you participated that’s important.

    Enjoy the thrill 🙂

    • crabbymommy

      Thank you! I am just going to focus on getting to the end. For me that’s going to be an achievement. Thanks for your wishes..

  2. Priya

    Good Luck dear

    Anyways winning is not important, you participated that’s important.

    Enjoy the thrill 🙂

  3. Deepti Shah

    Hope you enjoyed it, as everyone says rightly its not the destination that counts but the journey that matters. It is special, its something you do for yourself.


    • crabbymommy

      Thanks Deepti. It’s always great to hear encouraging words. I did enjoy it immensely. Am now going to try and run the 21K. Never though I’d say that!! Thanks for commenting 🙂

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