The bottle needs to go..

It’s happened again. She’s got a runny stomach and the pediatrician is livid. She needs to get off the bottle!

I am trying but I can’t do it alone. My husband does not want to hold his ground, or let me hold mine, when my daughter throws a tantrum about the bottle. If one parent gives in, it’s not going to happen, because kids latch on to what suits them and in this case, she pleads to her father and gets away with it!

How do I deal with that? He does not like her to cry, it upsets him. Well, it upsets me too and I understand that it’s not easy to let a child cry, especially when you’ve had a long day at work. But, I have a long day too, so what if it’s not at work. I am at home and do everything hands on for my daughter, even though I have loads of help, so at the end of the day, after I’ve battled with all the things she does not like to do, but has to – brushing her teeth and combing her hair being tow of them – I am tired. There’s only so much you can sing and dance to make games out of things so that she complies happily!

And now she has a bad stomach, so there’ll be fighting over medicines that I have to give her through the day.




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4 responses to “The bottle needs to go..

  1. a broad

    loved reading your blog. man we all get crabby all the time. I had worked with my first daughter and after my second daughter, i became a stay at home mom and of course, a member of crabby mommies! lived in south africa, united kingdom and now in usa so kinda feel for you about our previous lives being so different. we had the same issues about the pacifier in our house, but eventually we had just had enough and stuck it through in one weekend. good luck…

  2. And to think I was upset when my kiddo rejected the bottle…. all the best!

  3. Unfortunately, when you get to this point, the only way to wean them is throw out the bottles. And I don’t mean hide them. GET RID OF THEM. And let your husband know that this is important, not only for you but for the long-term health of your child.

    Sometimes mommyhood is a battle of wills. I have an incredibly independent, stubborn son, and we’ve had to crack down on a couple of issues. And do you know what (usually) happens? they throw a tantrum for a few days. And then it’s over.

    All that being said, I know this is hard and I wish you the best! Has your pediatrician given you any more specific advice, like methods to accomplish this feat?

  4. got here via… umm – I have no idea how i got here. my sympathies on the bottle thing. my son is three and i have just abt taken him off it. i know how easy it makes life to leave them with a bottle while u do ur housework.

    whats the connection with the bottle and the upset tummy – may i ask?

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