Now I’m Jekyll, now I’m Hyde

The title says it all.

There are days I feel great about everything and nothing seems to pull me down – skies seem bluer than blue , mind turns wildly positive – all that good stuff.

Then, there are days when a cloud seems to come over, when nothing goes right and the smallest thing is enough to get me down.

I’ve been wondering why this happens. I think, partly, that’s how motherhood is – a wild roller coaster ride through life. But, I am not sure how many other mommies feel this way, or at least how many other mommies swing between the two as often as I do.

While I’ve been doing all this reflecting, I’ve also been wondering how many days in a month do I feel happy, and how many days do I feel all aagghhh and crabby. I am not sure. You have an impression of yourself, and it’s not always the right one, which is why you say things like “no, I don’t always do this…”, or “I am not always crabby, blah blah….!”

So, I’ve decided to document it. And what better way than my little blog? This way I can look back and maybe see a trend, because the first step in solving something is recognizing the problem. And while I am not sure how much this will actually help, it’ll be good to record it anyway.

In the next couple of days, thus, I am adding, two new pages to my blog – most (un) imaginatively called Jekyll and Hyde! I’ll try and write everyday, even if it’s to say, which one I am that day – Jekyll or Hyde! (it’s starting to scare me now that I am writing about it, all this split personality stuff!!)

How long will this last? Who can say???



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3 responses to “Now I’m Jekyll, now I’m Hyde

  1. It’s good to keep track of this kind of stuff; it helps us as moms keep our attitudes in check and makes us realize, “hey, I just freaked out about (something) yesterday, and it really wasn’t that big of a deal.” I hope this will also help you to remember the great days when the bad ones seem overwhelming.

    I’m feeling a little on the crabby-mommy side right now. We’re in a HUGE stage of transition w/ our lives and the beginning is never fun. But I know that soon, I will have my own home and my own space! What a great day that’ll be!

  2. For me the weather has been affecting the way I feel. Everything is fine, but the weather will be gray and ugly outside and I am not myself. I don’t want to see anyone or go anywhere.

    I agree with Sharon, hopefully your experiment will help you remember the good days over the bad ones!

  3. So been there done that, But I love your writing flair and style, and you are funny too!
    Keep up the great work!

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