A man just does not have it in him, or does he?

Is it that men, well, men in general, are made differently and so when it comes to childcare they do it in a way that makes moms say “I’d rather do that myself”. Or is that just a really clever way of getting out of something? I mean, just do it badly, and you’re on the couch watching TV while the mommy feeds the screaming baby!

I think it’s a combination. Men don’t have the patience. It takes me one hour to feed my daughter, and I do it patiently because her eating is something I am kind of very particular about, like most moms.

But, for my husband, if she resists, then he cannot cajole her, he just does not have it in him. But there’s another thing, that he does not think it’s necessary..and that’s where I differ. I think it is.

Apart from everything else, look at the chain reaction it starts: no dinner = hungry baby= waking up in the middle of the night for milk = sleep deprived mommy = crabby mommy.

And crabby not so much because she woke up, but because she woke up since she ate no dinner, because the one day that the mommy had something to do, the daddy could not try and feed her!



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2 responses to “A man just does not have it in him, or does he?

  1. I asked my husband and he said, “sorry, we’re just not naturally as good at that stuff as you are.” Which is true to a certain extent. I mean, we think about this stuff ALL DAY. We are assaulted by our pediatricians, mothers and other health-nut mommies with information, and I think that, in general, our husbands are not. I mean, they don’t sit around with their friends and discuss things like “what color is my child’s poop, and is that normal?” Ah well, you have to encourage them when they do try, though.

  2. trailmixup

    Not every man is like that, although I’d say most are. The Gryphon and I often talk about him becoming a stay-at-home dad, after our baby weans, and me going back to school. I think he’d be very good at it.

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