Sick as a dog

It’s only the flu, but god can it be debilitating! I’ve been walking round the house like a corpse, feeling most sorry for myself, using the opportunity to drink copious cups of ginger tea and telling myself it’ll get better. I hate colds, the running nose, the sore throat, all that bacteria frolicking inside you while you cough and sneeze till your nose is redder than Rudolf the reindeer.

But, your toddler does not know that. So while my daughter has recovered from the flu and is running around with renewed enthusiasm, I feel sick as a dog, wanting nothing more than to be left alone if only for a couple of hours. It’s wishful thinking.

When you are a mother, you are only a mother, for our child that is, at least you will be till your he or she is old enough to understand that you need to be left alone sometimes, that you could also be under the weather at times. Right now she may understand that her mother is not well, but that does not mean she’ll behave differently.

Aaaghh, it’s freezing, and I feel like a ton of bricks are piled on top of my head.


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